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New Release...City of Flesh 5: Comfort Zone!

At Stella Films Production, we take tremendous pride in offering high-quality, creative films for women and couples. And we're excited to announce the upcoming release of our latest film: "City of Flesh 5: Comfort Zone"!


The new film shows audiences they can count on us to continue meeting their needs with premium adult entertainment. It features a unique blend of erotica, creativity and variety rolled into six tantalizing scenes. There are hot threesome scenes, a male-masturbation shower scene especially for women, and even a couple of foot-come shots.


"City of Flesh 5: Comfort Zone" is my best work by far," producer Estelle Joseph said.


As usual, we've featured fresh faces and high-quality acting in "City of Flesh 5: Comfort Zone". Cast members include Courtney Cummz, Lady Victoria, Alexa, Angelina Hart, Deep River, Dan, Kenny, William, Johnny Irons, Trevor Slain and Anthony Green.


"City of Flesh 5: Comfort Zone"--which runs about an hour and a half--is dripping with sensuality, sexuality and fantasy. Here's a short description of some of the scenes:


  • Red Scene: A woman who is tied up is worshipped by a guy with a foot fetish. As he lavishes her with attention, they take tremendous pleasure in the comfort zone they've created. This stimulating scene is the ultimate in erotica.    


  • Male Masturbation Scene: A sexy, good-looking guy masturbates under the pounding water of a steamy shower. He has a great time, and so will you. This scene offers the perfect opportunity for wives, girlfriends and single women to totally loosen up and have fun. 


  • Threesome Scenes: One vignette is a girl-guy-guy scene with a stunning background of the Manhattan skyline at night. In the scene, a flight attendant returning home at night, mistakenly crawls into bed with a visiting neighbor of her boyfriend-who later joins them for a threesome featuring a foot-come scene. Another threesome scene involves a guy who convinces two girls to join him in a wild sexual encounter before he heads out to war in Iraq

"City of Flesh 5: Comfort Zone" will be available this week at and And don't forget about "City of Flesh 4: Indulgence". For more information about all of our exceptional movies, call

(323) 255-5501. 


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Want to see more adult films that are geared to women? Support more companies like Stella Films Production. We're an independent, woman-owned company whose movies are completely directed and produced by women. Our brand of adult movies is presented from a woman's perspective to appeal to the unique preferences of female consumers.


Each of our City of Flesh films offers great-looking actors, novel storylines, creative cinematography and beautiful set designs. Yet, they're heavy on the type of sex, sensuality, excitement, fantasy and even romance that women like. So if you'd want to see more women-oriented porn, support companies like Stella Films Production. Come check us out at


Porn to Ponder

Here's our question of the month: Do women talk about porn with their girlfriends?

While women definitely watch porn, they don't talk about it as much as men do. That's why major production companies are saying women don't watch porn and don't produce the adult entertainment that caters especially to women. So here's our advice to women: If you really want companies to produce more of the type of adult films you want to watch, talk about the issue with your girlfriends. Go ahead…bring up the topic. We think you'll find they're more into porn than you think. Maybe even more than you.


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