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CITY OF FLESH 3: Cummitment Press Release
New York, NY Nov. 2, 2004 - A porn film is probably the last place you would expect to find good acting, gorgeous set designs and great music. But that's exactly what "City of Flesh 3: Cummitment" delivers. The sizzling new movie dishes up a special blend of "superb acting, strong storylines, beautiful set designs and an awesome soundtrack," says producer and director Estelle Joseph.

Joseph, who is president of the independent film company Stella Films Production (S.F.P.), says her films offer a high level of talent and cinematography that's uncommon in the adult film industry. "We pay close attention to every detail, especially the music," she explains.

Unlike typical pornographic movies, S.F.P. films are distinctly different because they're directed by a woman with women in mind, Joseph says. And this makes them ideal entertainment for women and couples. "Because of the flow and feel to the movies, women can feel comfortable watching a S.F.P. movie alone or with that special someone."

Joseph adds that not only are S.F.P. movies sensually appealing to woman, but they're also loaded with all the hard-core, explicit action men expect and appreciate. "City of Flesh 3: Commitment" is a prime example. The latest addition to S.F.P.'s innovative adult movie series, the film reveals the wild sexual encounters of a couple as they test their commitment to each other.

The movie features new comers Hailey, Rick D. and Maxx, also starring Dana Marie and Electra, with music by Black Mirror Productions, and Deep Down Found Sound.

S.F.P. is a fresh alternative in an industry dominated by men. Completely woman-owned, the independent film company dispels porn stereotypes by telling stories from a woman's point of view. It also shoots some of its productions on film in prime New York City locations.

Joseph, formerly known as Dominique, is one of only a few women leading a successful enterprise in the male-oriented adult film industry. She combines a healthy dose of business savvy, marketing strategy and soft sensuality to create movies like "City of Flesh 3: Commitment" to appeal to a wide target audience.

"City of Flesh 3: Cummitment", is available on DVD for $24.95 on our films page or for more information please contact Estelle directly at [email protected].