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City of Flesh 5: Comfort Zone Press Release
New York, NY (July 15, 2005) - The City of Flesh film series keeps getting bigger-and better. Stella Films Production has released a new movie, City of Flesh 5: Comfort Zone, and audiences won't be disappointed.

The new film packages a unique blend of erotica, creativity and excitement into six tantalizing scenes. There are a variety of scenes to satisfy almost every taste-wild threesomes, a male-masturbation shower scene and even a few foot-come shots.

"City of Flesh 5: Comfort Zone is my best work by far," said producer Estelle Joseph.

The new movie runs about an hour and a half long, presenting fresh faces, skilled acting, plausible storylines and an element of authenticity that's rarely seen in adult films. The cast members are Courtney Cummz, Lady Victoria, Alexa, Angelina Hart, Deep River, Dan, Kenny, William, Johnny Irons, Trevor Slain and Anthony Green.

The actors excel in a variety of engaging scenes. In the "red" scene, for example, a woman is tied up and worshipped by a gorgeous guy with an intriguing foot fetish. As he lavishes her with attention, they take extreme pleasure in the "comfort zone" they share.

In another scene, a sexy guy masturbates under the pounding water of a steamy shower-presenting the perfect chance for female viewers to loosen up and have fun. Plus, a flight attendant returns home one night and mistakenly crawls into bed with the visiting neighbor of her boyfriend-who later joins them for a threesome and foot-come shot.

City of Flesh 5:Comfort Zone follows the June release of the fourth City of Flesh film, demonstrating Stella Films' deep commitment to produce high-quality, creative adult entertainment. Stella Films is a woman-owned, independent company that produces adult entertainment strictly from a woman's point of view. Each of its City of Flesh films is uniquely designed to cater to the distinct desires, preferences and intellect of female consumers, as well as couples.

City of Flesh 5: Comfort Zone is available online at and, or by calling (323) 255-5501. For more information about our new movie or company, please contact Estelle Joseph directly at [email protected] or 201-863-4500.