Stella Film Production: Breaking The Adult Film Mold…
At Stella Film Production (S.F.P.), we offer a refreshing alternative to traditional adult films. Our films represent adult sex entertainment at its best. Each high-quality movie offers an enticing blend of fresh talent, intriguing story lines, captivating cinematography and prime cosmopolitan locations.

S.F.P. is one of the few woman-owned adult film companies and it shows in the movies we produce. Our movies are directed by women, feature strong female actors and tell stories from a woman's perspective. We cater to women down to the last detail, from beautiful set designs to sensational music soundtracks. Yet, we don't overlook the type of hardcore, explicit action that men desire. Whether you're a man or woman, you'll be captivated by the sensuality, intensity and quality of our adult films. Watching an SFP movie - alone or with a partner - is a uniquely erotic experience.

Learn more about our latest adult film releases. Or contact us for more information about our unique brand of adult sex entertainment.