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City of Flesh 1 Adult Film Re-released with Enticing New Cover
New York, NY - - Oct. 19 2004 - "City of Flesh1", an innovative adult film by Stella Film Production (S.F.P.), was recently re-released with a sexier new cover designed to stimulate the imagination - and sales.

The original design featured a woman's face with an open mouth and was more "artistic", director Estelle Joseph said. The new cover shows a scantily-clad female posing seductively in front of a city skyline. "She's wearing red panties and a bra, and is in the process of teasingly removing the panties," Joseph said. "She has an inquisitive tilt to her head. I think the cover we're using now is very enticing."

For all practical purposes, "City of Flesh1" is a new release. The film was initially released in 2003, but generated very little interest. So S.F.P. decided to pull it and redesigned the cover to match feedback from male and female consumers. "We had to go with something that would sell," Joseph explained.

"City of Flesh" leads a series of movies created to burst the public's traditional view of the adult film industry. S.F.P. is breaking the convention "porn" movie mold by introducing unique visual effects, cosmopolitan locations and novel storylines. For the film, Joseph chose Brooklyn Heights and SOHO locations to shoot the interiors.

"The last thing I wanted was just another video shot in a hotel room somewhere," explained Joseph. "Not that I'm knocking any of that, but I was trying to create a product that would appeal to females like me - and not just the male demographic - and I strongly believe that we have done just that."

"City of Flesh1" features five scenes, each of which has its own erotic story. The movie was shot on film and interestingly, the gear primarily used consisted of a modified Éclair ACL2 and a modified Beaulieu 7008. Many of the stylized visual effects were created using AVID non-linear editing equipment. The movie's cast includes the beautiful and talented Tabitha, Erika Kole, Alisha Angel, Linda Linxx, Clarissa Doll and Electra.

"I am very happy with the results," Joseph said. "Our project is adult entertainment that I, as a female, would definitely watch."

Joseph, formerly known as Dominique S., is a Broadway/Off-Broadway producer and performer, and is a principal creative force behind S.F.P.'s "City of Flesh" series. As S.F.P.'s owner, she strives to combat porn stereotyping by presenting adult stories from a woman's perspective and shooting in prime New York City locations. Joseph goal is to create interactive movies that appeal to a broad audience that includes not only men, but also couples and women.

"City of Flesh" can be purchased on DVD for $19.95 on our films page, or for more information please contact Estelle directly at [email protected].