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CITY OF FLESH 2: Apt.2B Press Release
New York, NY Oct. 20, 2004 - Julia isn't your typical porno movie character. Sure she's sexy, wild and leads an "active" lifestyle, but she's completely in control of the men and women in her life.

In the adult film "City of Flesh 2: Apt. 2B", for example, Julia embarks on a quest to find a decent place for rent. She engages in numerous sexual exploits to secure an apartment, but she's never depicted as a "helpless" victim.

"Julia is a strong, independent woman who does whatever she needs to get what she wants," says Estelle Joseph, president of the independent film company, Stella Films Production (S.F.P.). "In my movies, the women are the strong, powerful ones, and the men follow their wishes and desires."

"City of Flesh 2: Apt. 2B" is the latest release in a series of movies designed to shatter the public's stereotypical image of "porn" stars and "adult" movies. The exciting, new film features five superbly-acted scenes by new comer Dana Marie, Electra, Tabitha, Billy Lee, Shawn Reynolds and Jon. It also includes professional soundtracks by Black Mirror Productions, Deep Down Found Sound and Vito Ricci.

"City of Flesh 2: Apt. 2B", is available on DVD for $24.95 on our films page or for more information please contact Estelle directly at [email protected].