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City of Flesh 6: Lisa's Little Secret Press Release
Lisa's Little Secret To Become Sixth Film Released By Female-Owned Company

New York, NY (Sept. 15, 2005) – Adult film fans wanting more of a good thing will find it in City of Flesh 6: Lisa’s Little Secret. This will be the third new film released by Stella Films Production in three months, maintaining fast-paced momentum for the woman-owned production company. City of Flesh 6: Lisa’s Little Secret will be available in early October.

This latest City of Flesh movie packs a sexy punch. Making a departure from separate vignettes, producer and owner Estelle Joseph weaves a single story over five erotic scenes. And what a story she tells. The movie features accomplished acting from fresh faces, a creative storyline and fine filming—living up to Joseph’s trademark of excellence and innovation.

“The acting is really, really good in this,” Joseph said. “It’s a great story, and I think this was my best work.”

While its obvious purpose is to provide stimulating entertainment, City of Flesh 6: Lisa’s Little Secret will also spark intrigue and controversy over the main characters—Lisa and Keith. “I think it’s going to start a debate over whether men would have sex offered to them and turn it away, whether a woman having sex with another woman is really sex, and whether Lisa really had sex because she didn’t actively participate,” Joseph said.

As the erotica unfolds, Lisa and her fiancé struggle to do the right thing. Lisa honestly reveals a small indiscretion; Keith rejects advances from a former girlfriend. In the end, two burning questions will linger: Would a man really refuse free sex? And did Lisa really cheat on Keith?

The audience can be the judge, as they watch one exciting scene after the next. In the opening scene, Lisa and Keith—who has just gotten a promotion—share amazingly-sweet, celebratory sex. Then Lisa reluctantly confesses her limited part in a threesome.

The next scene shows exactly what happened. Lisa visits an old girlfriend—Erika—and drinks too much as they reminisce about their old college days. They wind up in an action-packed sex scene with Erika’s boyfriend, Jackson—except Lisa opts to masturbate and interact with Erika. She never touches Jackson. The scene flashes back to an angry Keith kicking out Lisa, who tearfully leaves without her engagement ring. Further into the story, Keith is propositioned by an ex-girlfriend, but ultimately refuses. Eventually, Keith and Lisa make up in an incredibly passionate scene. So there’s a happy ending: Lisa gets her man and ring back.

With the release of City of Flesh 6: Lisa’s Little Secret, Stella Films Production is expanding its efforts to break the mold in adult entertainment. The independent company produces inventive adult entertainment from a female’s perspective. The City of Flesh series strives to offer high-end films that are geared for women and couples, yet provide the type of action that male audiences appreciate.

City of Flesh 6: Lisa’s Little Secret can be purchased online at and For more information about our new movie or company, please contact Estelle Joseph directly at [email protected] or